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Pre Event

15 April 2023

Various activities to foster MUN Skills through courses and a session to prepare you for the main session of the 13th Indonesia Model United Nations

  • Accelerate four MUN basic skills (research, drafting, speech, and negotiation) from professional mentors
  • Gain new friends and MUN partners
  • MUN Workshop
  • Talkshow

Main Event

11th-14th May 2023

The main session of the 13th Indonesian MUN will be held hybrid. This event consists of various activities, such as the opening ceremony, committee sessions, socials, and the closing ceremony. This international conference will be held from 11th May - 14th May 2023 through an offline site and zoom meetings.

  • Gain intercultural experience with youths all across the globe
  • Expand your network with international youths
  • Enhance diplomacy skills
  • Expand global knowledge
  • Increase research and speech capability
  • Delegate Kit
  • Delegate Handbook
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Consumption